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APPA Men's recovery co-Active Coaching program

Dr. David has been involved with men's recovery for over 20 years.  He is a fierce proponent of men's mental health and addiction recovery, and he has dedicated himself to not only helping men with addictions but also using recovery coaching to coach them through the various issues affecting their relationships, quality of life and personal achievements. 

Dr. David provides a breadth of insights from years of real world experiences outside of the consultation room along with his clinical expertise. He served in NYC as a community leader, an agency executive director in NYC, and as an international speaker, aid worker, and educator in England, Seoul, Korea, and Senegal. He was educated in psychodynamic psychotherapy at the University of Oxford, England and received his doctorate in human services with a specialization in clinical social work at Walden University. 

Dr. David has worked with all sorts of men from adolescents to corporate professionals, medical professionals, lawyers, business owners, celebrities, college students, fathers, young career seekers and senior statesmen.  

Dr. David is also a father. 

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